PHOTOS from past few days

; It’s been around 20-40 degrees here (F, I still don’t get C ) During the morning it has been around 15 ! Now I know Chicago is a lot colder, but living with radiators rather than central heating that actually warms up your space, walking everywhere, bus transportations, eveyrthing just feels 10x more frigid!
I’ve had my shutters closed on my windows, because one radiator just does not keep my room warm ! I was missing the sunshine and views, so I decided to bare the cold. I was so happy that I did, I saw this hot pink warmth


Most successful thing I did this month was Raquel (my roommate) and I finally got our free pass to Blois museums (since we live here). We FINALLY saw the Blois castle, Blois is a small town, so it’s kind of pathetic I haven’t visited it earlier >.< but I saw it !! The best part was in the court yard with an amazing view over the city.  (photos below) We also visted the Natural History Museum, it was very kitschy with a lot of taxidermy from the 70s. I liked it ! (I knew the animals died from natural causes)

It was also my birthday this month! Thank you everyone who reached out to me to wish me well. It means so much, and I take all the words to heart from being so far away

thanks for stopping by, au revoir!

I thought the birds & photo hues were relaxing

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