Hello! I just landed on the other half of my journey so I wanted to take a breather and write about my past few days. I survived the hectic bike paths, seriously they will run you over, and waiting in long museum lines. As a preliminary you can purchase museum tickets two months in advance, but Kyle & I were oblivious to this, so the week before we left they were already sold out of online tickets. The Van Gogh museum was around a 35 minute wait, which wasn’t too bad. The museum contains his famous self portraits, the bedroom & the sunflower painting. The sunflower painting was definitely my favorite to see because the flowers were much more textured than I imagined, some had such heavy layers of paint on them. The museum doesn’t have Starry Night, which I thought was silly because it is THE Van Gogh museum and that painting is a household name (it’s in NYC) but I know recognition on his other paintings is still well deserved 🙂

The two hour wait outside**The Anne Frank museum was all that I imagined it to be, mostly simplistic with museum items so you can get a feel for the house. The most surreal parts of the museum is seeing her walls with newspaper photos glued to it to add some real world into her room, her and her sister’s height measurements drawn on the wall, and of course seeing the diary.

When I look back on my small trip these are the things I will think of // not necessarily the Red Light district or locally legal substances :p things that I personally found interest in, and maybe you will too**

  1. Tulips // Clogs
    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first morning we had in Amsterdam we headed to the flower market, known as Bloemenmarkt. Bloemenmarkt has individual huts and house boats selling floral goods. Sadly due to the season, we weren’t in the prime tulip time. Instead of soaking in luscious smells of floral, you could buy some vibrant wooden tulips or flower bulbs to plant in your own garden.


  2.  Eats // Drinks
    pancakes / dutch apple pie / mint tea / homemade gingerale

    homemade gingerale // drinks with a view
    dutch apple pie

  3. Bikes // Canals
Public transport is really easy to use! Plus being clean and safe with workers all around was lovely

Fun Facts // Dutch are the tallest in the world, it was so nice to feel normal, and EVEN SHORT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Dutchies love their coffee, after Scandinavians they are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers, averaging 3.2 cups a day! Sounds like the perfect plan to me, minus the fact that half of the coffee shops in Amsterdam weren’t selling coffee and that was only slightly confusing to find the right one.

Thanks for stopping by :)!



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