I was so excited to hop over to Belgium and experience another francophone country. Belgium, situated north of France has three official languages: Dutch, French & German. I was a little naive and thought the majority of conversation and signs would be in French, but it was Dutch ! Not one person talked to me in French, I definitely heard it around me from other visitors, and the locals could speak French, but Dutch or English was the go to.

The major findings in Belgium are beer / fries / waffles / chocolate. As a French student/teacher in the U.S., I take responsibility of informing the public that French fries are not French ! They are Belgian. The very first day I insisted that we went to the quirky fry museum to learn all that is important with the fry. It isn’t large, but for 5 euros you learn about the history of potatoes (they came from Peru) and see some kitschy old things.

Some interesting things I learned // Belgian soldiers during WWI are thought to have offered American soldiers fries,  and hearing the Belgian soldiers speaking French they were assumed to be French ! Potato chips were born in NY when a customer complained the fries were too thick, so the chef sliced them ridiculously thin. China produces the most potatoes.

Over breakfast one day we met a couple from Seattle. They were kind and informed us that only 8-9 out of 50 some chocolate stores, actually make the chocolate in Belgian. So we made sure to go to some we knew were local/visitor favorites.

I tried a four beer sampler, mixed with light & dark beer. One was cherry!

Some food places I would highly recommend for meals other than Belgian snacks are:
that are vegetarian & vegan friendly too 🙂

Sanseveria Bagelsalon //  adorable breakfast nook for homemade bagels

Hashtag Food // healthy fine dining for the evening

Books & Brunch // lovely spot for books, breakfast or brunch

It was bizarre walking around Brugge at night finding the right place to eat for dinner, because there are so many fancy restaurants that all empty because no one wants to spend 40 euros + a person every night/they also looked tourist trappery (we’ll make that a word lol). Hopefully my recommendations help, some are more pricey but it is definitely worth it 🙂

Brugge is one of the oldest/medieval cities in Belgium. The cobblestone pavements and canals are so romantic, I would totally agree on the ambiance of calling it a mini Venice. All the buildings, pathways, and canals were so picturesque and historical, I loved it! Hopefully my photos do some justice and I can share a little gushing.

Most of these photos bellow are taken on our walk to see the windmills. It’s a 30-40 minute walk, but so worth it! Not only are the windmills adorably Dutch, but the walk to  see them is so tranquil. The buildings are so clean and perfect, Kyle and I felt like we were on a movie set.



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