Family, friends, boyfriend & my little furry nugget aside, there are a few things that I miss from the USA. That brings me to this post, where I thought I would make a list of all the things that make me feel like an American in a foreign country missing the things that I know. When I am back in the USA, most likely missing France and all the other things Europe has that America doesn’t, i’ll look back on this post for the sweet to the bitter. Perhaps i’ll make a list later of the things I miss from France.

disclaimer: I am perfectly well off without these things, and I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about first world problems, I’m only here to share some cultural differences an american realizes that is different from day to day life in a foreign country 🙂 

c o f f e e – the coffee that I miss is my non-espresso, big brewed coffee that I drink in a traveling mug on my way to work in the morning. There are a few reasons why you won’t find any of this in France; France drinks coffee slow, sipping it, to really take time for a break of caffeine. In my experience, coffee breaks have nothing to do with the taste of the coffee, but rather the shot of caffeine and the time to relax. Cafes will actually reuse espresso grounds over and over, thus tasting burnt and strong.

c o f f e e . c r e a m e r –  Milk and eggs are not refrigerated here in Europe, so when I thought ‘Where would the coffee creamer even be in the grocery store?’, the answer is no where. I did research online, and a few travelers who come to France looking for it buy heavy whipping cream and make their own with mixing it with milk. I don’t drink dairy and couldn’t find almond/soy whipping cream >.< luckily there is almond/soy/rice milk and I just use that.

g a r b a g e . d i s p o s a l – a strange mechanism to all Europeans

c e n t r a l . h e a t i n g – I was cold all winter and my bathroom has no radiator in it >.<

t a k e . a w a y -Chinese food – Chinese food does exist here, but it is not American Chinese food. Usually you have the options of beef/chicken/shrimp/veggie, here in France no veggie options exist on the menu ;(

d i v e r s e . f o o d – something that makes being in France so great, is that you are obviously getting authentic French culture. Something that makes being in America so great, is we’re a sexy melting pot of flavors and cultures. I miss Mexican food, my family’s pierogi and sauerkraut binge (seriously I can’t find sauerkraut here and Germany is right next door), Asian food, just an abundance of different backgrounds.

d r y e r s – d r y e r . s h e e t s

s t a n d i n g . i n . l i n e s – One thing I will never get used to in France is standing in line and people cutting without any shame whatsoever; France just doesn’t do lines. Every morning when I’m waiting for the bus I try to remind myself that this is a cultural difference, and that I should not take it personal. But I do take it personal when I am clearly at the bus’s door and some person pushes me out of the way, and in my most confident french I say excusez-moi. France is all about etiquette, so it just makes no sense how there is no etiquette when it comes to waiting for something.

s u n d a y . e r r a n d s – everything is closed on Sundays, where this is my favorite day to run errands like grocery shopping in the USA.

s c e n t e d . c a n d l e s – they’re really expensive when you do find them

r e u s a b l e . w a t e r . b o t t l e s – I’ve seen some coworkers with them, but I cannot seem to find one

p u m p k i n & n u t . b u t t e r s – cue basic girl commentary



I love France, but being American I naturally miss some things. I hope you thought this was interesting :p

thanks for stopping by 🙂





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