bike ride to Chateau Beauregard


Here to share a few photos from a bike ride I took today that was set to be 45 minutes, and ended up being some hours longer. After a few hiccups along the way (such as rocky old cobblestones, seriously v painful), it was a nice adventure. What makes it all worth it is peeking into the small French towns and country sides (even though most of the country sides today looked similar to midwest usa :p)  Today brought up a lot of memories from the last time I rented a bike in France to make it to the American Normandy cemetery from Bayeux; had far less highways and fluffy cows!


Yes, I fangirled over all the dog portraits. There is even a pitbull 🙂 its a smaller castle, so they add art exhibits in it to something a little more. A family even lives in half of the castle! What a dream

thanks for stopping by :))


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