10 Hours in Paris


As my spring break is coming to an end, as well as my time in France ::stares off into sad but sweet distance::, I wanted to take advantage of the easy hour and a half train ride to Paris from Blois. I’ve profited a lot this year from conveniently living an easy hop away from Paris to take trains leaving from there. Each train station in Paris has it’s standard lines that go in certain directions. I think I’ve been to every Parisian grand central station this year to travel to many far away and close places. This time however, I wanted to stay in Paris for a museum day trip.

If you’re curious, it costs around 10-20 euros for one way Blois-Paris. This day I got a round trip for 25 euros ! You will always be at Paris Gare d’Austerlitz to get to Blois-Chambord, either from the train going to Orleans or Tours. 

There are around 130 museums in Paris. One. Hundred. And. Thirty. !!! So, many museum day trips in Paris can occur many times and be totally different. My only goal was to see Monet’s water lilies at the Musée de l’Orangerie. If there was ever a place that explained why panorama camera abilities existed, this is it. There are two large rooms that are oval shaped with a glowing light overhead. It’s truly a dreamy experience and I’m confident in saying it is a must visit.

c l o s e- u p s   o f   t h e   p a i n t i n g s


After Orangerie, I originally wanted to go to the high fashion, haute couture museum Palais Galliera, but it was closed for exhibition remodel (it reopened in 5 days, haha to you universe). I was disappointed, but reminded myself I still had around 128 museums to choose from. I stumbled upon Musée Marmottan Monet, and oh my goodness I am so glad I did.

Here are the two photos from the museum. The first, featuring an upper-class French ceiling and chandelier that made me feel so giddily chic. What you need to know is that this was the first room of the museum and I excitedly took a photo, and at that same time security yelled at me NO PHOTOS and everyone looked at me like I was a buffoon. This happened to us in Amsterdam, why don’t they have signs that make it very clear no photos? I looked around and saw none. Any who, traveling to the following room I saw the famous painting Paris street, Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte. The rebel in me needed a photo, because what I should probably explain was that I was in a house turned into museum, that had a lot of antique furnishing. I was in what seemed like a dinning room, no one else was in there, there was no security, it was just me in an upper class French dinning room where one would put the nuts on that buffet if you had a Christmas party, with a world known painting. I felt giddily chic again.

The French house is attached to an added museum wing, that holds the world’s biggest collection of Monet, as well as many impressionist artists. This was truly a French experience in terms of art, and I confidently say it is another must see.


After the museum visits, I took the metro to the stop Hotel de Ville to be in more central city, and to be a little closer to Gare d’Austerlitz where I was taking my train back. I get a lot of  questions from family and friends where they should go for an authentic French vibe. This would be my advice to go; the best shopping, the cutest streets, world’s famous falafel, adorable cafes, street art. Just go and discover it all :). I walked right from City Hall and looped all around, where I ended up at Pompidou, the modern art museum. My opinion on Pompidou will be short and sweet, because that is how my visit was. If Ikea had a baby with a Teletubie, it would live in this building (because of the building, not the art :p)

t h a n k s   f o r  s t o p p i n g   b y 🙂


City of Love


These past two weeks I have been on my winter break, (breaks…France does a lot of those) and I ended it in Paris. Seemed like the perfect plan because I would swoop back to Blois and Kyle would fly out of Paris -.-

I have already visited Paris when I first moved to France to study abroad, so the pressure was on to be a tour guide a little for Kyle. My head is spinning already with trying to come up with an opinion on Paris. It’s the most visited place in the world, the THING people know about France, the city of love, in general the super hyped up city. They city has an abundance of museums, arrondisments (neighborhoods), restaurants, people, transports, lines, shops, just an abundance of just about everything. This overwhelming fact of there being so much makes it hard for me to form an opinion, because there are a millions ways to do Paris. The most simplistic way I can explain it is you can be either a tourist or visit Paris like you live there. Kyle and I did a little bit of both.

For example, Thursday on a rainy morning we walked to Notre Dame, walked through it’s park to take in the scenery and really remember it. Friday afternoon we walked to the Eiffel Tower, bought some sandwiches and ate them in the park in front of the tower. Did we wait in an 1-3 hour long line to go to the top of Notre Dame/Eiffel tower? Heck no. I totally understand why the travel connoisseur Anthony Bourdain says, if you are going to Paris do Paris, and that means drinking an espresso in a cafe and people watch, not wait in miserable lines. Do not plan too much.Do not experience what everyone says you have to experience.

We definitely still went to Le Louvre, because it’s a one of kind place and I don’t care how long the line is. Another thing we made sure to do is go to a traditional French brasserie for dinner. Kyle loves French onion soup, so we had to let him experience it in France :p i was over the moon we found a cute spot in the Latin Quarter, that has a veggie option, as well as a dog hanging out inside! We found a lot of good food spots via Pinterest this time. brasserie Le Petit Prince de Paris

In 2016, I said Tycho was going to be my official anthem for the year. Whenever I was applying for jobs, or doing work on the computer, getting ready, I put up their Youtube full albums. They were the background noise for a huge chunk of my life these passed months, so I got emotional and fluffy and fortunate for being able to see them play in Paris.

take a listen 🙂

Paris is the fashion capital of the world, so I couldn’t help myself but do a little shopping here >.I revisited a store I stumbled upon on on my last trip here Kilo Shop. Kilo Shop is an organized vintage treasure chest of goodies. It’s a thrift store that sells items by the weight, not priced per item. SO YOU CAN PURCHASE SO MANY ONE OF A KIND ITEMS FOR PRACTICALLY NOTHING. I didn’t do hardcore digging because I was with Kyle, and let’s be fair I don’t think he looked like he was having fun, but was being a champ :p I did find a pair of vintage denim Levi pants made into shorts. Girls you know the struggle, it is so hard to find reclaimed denim shorts that don’t show your booty cheeks. These fit so perfect, and even have had the butt patched with denim patches, and I think it gives it so much character, I love them.  Wore them with tights a few times already in Paris! I am really trying to be more ec0-friendly with clothing buys/ not buy from stores like Forever 21 that have child labor issues and just over production of clothing. Marzia has touched on a few notes on unethical clothing if you’re interested :p


we’re a horrible couple at getting photos of us together. we tried :p


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